About Us

Janakpurdham chamber of Commerce & Industry(JCCI) is a pioneer business management organization in central Nepal, has been established in 2009 BS(1952 AD) by Shree Vaypar Sangh converted to Janakpur Vaypar Sangh converted to Janakpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry then  converted into Janakpurdham Chamber of Commerce & Industry with wider objective and goal. It is an autonomous ,non –profit making and non- government organization. It’s main objective is to render assistance in safe guarding professional rights of private business entrepreneur there after enhance trade, industry and socio- economic development of its territory. As required by its mandate and the set objective, JCCI has imparted the  many commendable roles in the development, expansion and diversification of trade, bringing  about big , medium and small industries, higher educational  estblishmens, health institutions and other infrastructure development in  Janakpur Dham since its inception to till date. Now , it has incorporated the commercialization of agriculture and tourism promotion within its scope of work. Thus a founder member of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industy (FNCCI)and golden jubilee celebrity of organization in Central  Nepal has been carrying on meritorious deeds at the back and promising to keep on such activities in the days to come. In the present day context it has more advanced vision and mission as under.



To Transform Janakpurdham Chamber of Commerce  & Industry (JCCI) into reliable service provider, gifted with farsighted leadership, financially well off, endowed with  standard management  system and capable secretariat, marked with representative participation and thereby a competent chamber.



To provide support to natural economy through local socio- economic development in conjuction with projection and fostering care of professional rights and interest of business entrepreneurs.



  • To protect and promote the interest of trade and indusrial sector and secure professional rights of  business entrepreneurs.
  • To optimally utilize the local resources to meet the local needs , import substitutions and for export.
  • To collect and disseminates latest information to entrepreneurs on contemporary finiancial activities, technology and marketing situation.
  • To develop relations with agencies at regional, national and international evel and organize trainings, workshops, seminars, fairs, and exhibitions  to exchange cooperation and carry on research jobs appropriate to JCCI.
  • To try to solve the disputes arising in trade and to help establish industrial relation.
  • To cooperate and help in maintaining quality products.
  • To adopt modern management  system and build up all round capability of JCCI..
  • To recognize  Janakpur  as major industrial district of Nepal.